5 Ways to keep mascara off of your eyelids

Hi gorgeous! If you wear mascara, for whatever reason, mascara hates staying on your lashes lol. Now we all know this is annoying as mascara was created to go on your lashes not anywhere else, but it happens. Mascara streaks, flakes, clumps and worst of all, get's stuck on your eyelids.

1. Rice paper oil absorbing sheets. If you find that your eye makeup is consistently smearing and blotchy, you could have oily eyelids. Before you put on any mascara, blot your lids with rice paper. This will help your mascara from melting on your eye lids.

2. Mascara Primer. Primer helps separate and lengthen your lashes, which helps prevent clumping and clumps from ending up on your eyelids. Definitely use mascara primer!

3. Wipe off the mascara wand tip before applying. When you pull your mascara wand out of the tube, make sure to gently wipe off the tip against the inside edge of the tube. Especially when new, the wand likely comes out with way too much product on it. This will help to prevent you from applying an uneven amount on the lids.

4. Place a playing card or business card between your lash and lid before you apply mascara. (this prevents mascara from dripping onto the eyelid.)

5. Use a mirror that's below your eye level when you apply mascara. If you're looking up, there's a greater chance that the mascara is going to end up on your eyelids, since the lashes will brush against the lids. Instead, try and use a mirror that requires you to look slightly down, rather than up.