Colombian Jeans

Ever wished that you could round and lift your rear without adding padding or shapewear? The developement of special but lifting jeans (also called Colombian jeans or Push-up jeans) is going to be exciting news for you. Colombian Jeans are the best option for all women. You'll find the perfect fit available for women of all ages & sizes. Highlight your body's beauty with these gorgeous must have wardrobe items! Say good-bye to the gap around your waist band, lift your bottom, slim your thighs, flatten your tummy, and enhance your curves. #fashion #curvyclothes #curves #trendy #affordable #voltagefashion #fashionblogger #colombianjeans #buttlifters #levantacola #sexyjeans

Typically known as "Butt Lifting" or "Levanta Cola", these jeans hit the fashion scene in the 90's in Bogota, Colombia and neighboring cities. The name says it all - the jeans lift the butt and draw attention to it. The design has a few tricks to shape the butt of the wearer; A high waistband that covers the stomach, more denim in the buttocks area than other jeans and pinched in one, two or three places above the back pockets or under the waistband, to shape the excess denim. Stretchy high quality denim enables easy on-off as well as comfort while looking fabulous and sexy! After the butt lifter idea came the rhinestones, pearls and bling decorations to make the jeans more jazzy. The butt lifter and the design go hand in hand, as women from every age and social class buy these delightful work of art. Once you go Colombian jeans, there's no turning back! (Check out all the different styles below)

Colombian Jean Styles and Shades