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Hide and Seek
Who We Are

Our mission...

Our MISSON is to provide quality fashion styles for every budget while giving back to our community through our "Empowering You" program. 

Our long-term goal is to offer moderately priced boutique-quality dresses, tops, knits, and jumpsuits at fabulous prices for women of all ages!


We are a company owned by women, run by women and so we understand what makes a woman feel unique, different, and confident! Dozens of head-turning styles are selected every couple of weeks to make your wardrobe unique and stylish without breaking the bank!

"Empowering You" program:

Voltage Fashion Boutique sponsors 1 local woman every week with new "office/interview" interchangeable outfits and shoes. The target group is women affected by domestic abuse/violence, homelessness, trafficking, and alcohol/substance abuse. 

How we got started..​.​

The founder's passion for shoe fashion and latest trends led her to the fashion world. This sparked an overnight idea to go into business, selling trendy stylish women's heels, wedges, boots and flats based on her flair and love for shoes. From her home office over a matter of time Voltage Fashion Boutique was born and there's been no looking back since. Operations began with shoes, extended over to women's apparel and now offers accessories, bags and the most stylish looks all for great prices!

Our Vision... ​

To strive to do our best to serve our customers, to stay relevant in the lives of our customers, and community. We envision our boutique establishing its presence both locally and online.


Voltage Fashion is an internet retailer of fashion-forward apparel for fun, trend-setting, and classy women.

We specialize in offering unique and daring styles that can't be found elsewhere. Our site is designed to provide the most dynamic selection of clothing by constantly introducing new styles and products. We add dozens of new styles every week to keep you at the forefront of fashion. Why wait for the next catalog of the same old pictures re-arranged? Find something new at Voltage Fashion!

As a woman-run organization, we have always had a tremendous interest in new clothing and shoe lines, finding the newest trends, and best of all; putting together stylish outfits that will make you look your best. By doing so we can continue to give you access to the hottest looks at affordable prices.

With new items being added to the site every week, keep checking back you never know when a celebrity fashion trend may go "From our closet to your closet."

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